Organizing a Groundswell to End the Injustice of Murdered and Disappeared Native Women and Girls

Support a National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Native Women and Girls. Add your organization’s name at:

Please join NIWRC in our campaign to continue the groundswell movement locally, nationally and internationally to end the injustices of missing or disappeared and murdered Native women and girls. Together we can end the deafening silence and invisibility surrounding Native women, girls, our families, and communities experiencing unacceptably high levels of violence.

Action Steps:

  • Organize or support a local activity for National Day of Awareness on May 5 for Missing and Murdered Native Women and Girls.
  • Share flyers / announcements and pictures with NIWRCof events planned for and occurring on May 5th.

Write and share individual or organizational statements/press releases about the issue.

The NIWRC will share your activities and events on social media about what you and other tribal programs, coalitions, and communities are doing nationwide to take action, organize, and increase awareness about murdered and disappeared Native women and girls.

Examples of Activities Include:

  • Wear RED on May 5th and/or during community events. Create red ribbon pins and encourage your tribal community to create/wear regalia specific to your area.
  • Take pictures and post on social media of yourself, family/friends, and community members wearing red with signs/messages and tag NIWRC, including:
    • #MMIW
    • #MMIWG
    • #NIWRC
    • #NationalDayofAwareness
    • End the Injustice of Missing and Murdered Native Women
    • Together We Can End the Injustice of Missing and Murdered Native Women
    • Missing and Murdered (Native/Your Tribe’s Name) Women Deserve Justice!
    • Take a Stand and Break the Silence Today for Missing and Murdered Native Women.
  • Host a community event on May 5th in your tribal community center, school, etc.
  • Host a prayer circle or candle-light vigil to show your support for families/community.
  • Create a living memorial.
  • Native Women’s Society of the Great Plains’ Murdered and Disappeared project:

Learn More About the Issue

Learn how you can help raise awareness and join our groundswell:


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