2017 Winter-From the Executive Director…

We at the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center are excited to share that we are set to receive future distribution royalties from the feature film Wind River by writer/director Taylor Sheridan. On Thursday, November 2, 2017 some NIWRC staff and board were spoke at an NIWRC Fundraiser and Honoring by Taylor Sheridan in Helena, MT. Sheridan was on location for his new series Yellowstone. NIWRC honored Sheridan and his wife Nicole with a sweet grass braid and star quilt. Since the announcement, NIWRC has been flexing our voice a bit more in media. Recently we have issued numerous statements, press releases and aided in a number of news articles all related to the issue of violence against Native women.  We are humbled and grateful to continue our leadership in providing culturally grounded, grassroots advocacy to end gender-based violence in indigenous communities and to support tribal sovereignty!

In this 2017 Winter edition of Advocate! Beyond the Shelter Doors e-newsletter, you will find: updates from the StrongHearts Native Helpline, NIWRC’s presentation at the 11th Annual Missing & Unidentified Persons conference, upcoming fall awareness months activities and calendar including resources and events for Sex Trafficking Awareness Month and Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, the 2017 NativeLove Challenge winner announcement, a wellness circle post on “Finding Healing in Helping” and save the date for our upcoming 2018 Women Are Sacred Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico!

In the Featured Art section, Tribal Justice POV documentary is about two Native American judges that aim to address the root causes of crime, they are providing models of restorative justice that are working. Mainstream courts across the country are taking notice. The Featured Art section is where we share art forms as a means of social change including new documentaries or films, art exhibits and positive/uplifting projects connecting to preventing and healing from domestic or family violence. Suggestions welcome!

We would like to wish everyone happy holidays and thank each advocate, each mother, each sister, each aunt, each daughter, each grandmother, each man, and each child for their continued support of the movement to end domestic violence and for making NIWRC the valuable organization it is today.

Lucy Rain Simpson
Executive Director, NIWRC

NIWRC Fundraiser and Honoring with cast/crew of Taylor Sheridan’s upcoming series “Yellowstone” in Helena, MT Nov. 2, 2017.