Guest Contributor Molly Ryan-Kills Enemy: Native Women Advocacy

As a Lakota winyan, as an Indigenous Winyan…..this is what advocacy means to me, to find my voice, to know my worth, to reclaim my power…. It is to bring all women, all nations back together, to stand in Solidarity with all women around the globe. To bare our scars, our pain, our history of being silenced for over 500 years. It is to stand up and to help the others stand up, who have suffered for too long. It is for us to sing our songs of pain and our songs of healing….. To help other women who have suffered as I have suffered, to help them reclaim their power as I have… simply talking of my own suffering AND my own healing……it is to raise awareness that Beauty lies in the shadows of pain.–Molly Ryan-Kills Enemy

Photographs from advocacy event: One Million Mothers Rally at the Colorado State Capital in Denver, CO on November 8th, 2016. One Million Mothers Rally allowed indigenous people to come together as women and as mothers to rise together on national election day.

Photographs by Antonio Sanchez.