Building Lasting Partnerships: NIWRC and AKNWRC

One of the culminating products is the Alaska Native Women’s Resource Center’s new website,

The National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center (NIWRC) provides contract support to the Alaska Native Women’s Resource Center (AKNWRC) for communication and technology branches. The AKNWRC’s Communications Coordinator has worked closely with NIWRC’s Technology Director to build capacity by leveraging platforms necessary for quick and efficient dissemination of information to the field. During FY2018 the work focused on website development, social media presence, IT support to staff, and an email campaign platform.

We met weekly for 1-hour sessions, reviewing the prior week’s tasks and setting new ones.  These meetings provided both guidance and support in identifying what would work best for AKNWRC. Our approach was not to necessarily replicate, but to custom build systems that matched our needs. Our partnership with NIWRC enabled us to take on the challenges of building components that would serve as platforms for engagement less daunting because we were able to benefit from their earlier missteps. Additionally, AKNWRC also partners with NIWRC on the policy side of our work and successfully organized a Conversations with the Field (CWTF) after our annual Unity Meeting in Anchorage this year prior to AFN. This was made possible, in part because we were able to use the framework shared by NIWRC.

“The partnership with NIWRC has been invaluable for us as a new and growing organization. To be able to have such great resources to guide us through the growing pains and help guide our growth through their own experience of failures, in my opinion, has helped us be a lot further in our development today than we would have been without that guidance.”

 – Candy Keown , Communications Coordinator, AKNWRC


“We are honored to have partnered with AKNWRC in their historic first year! It has been a wonderful experience working with such a talented team of advocates and staff whose dedication to ensuring the safety of Alaska Native women and children is unmatched.”

– Tang Cheam, Technology Director, NIWRC


The AKNWRC is excited for the future and looks forward to continued partnership with NIWRC as we continue to grow as an organization.