Cindy Lynn: Guest Contributor from Speaker’s Bureau

As apart of June’s PTSD Awareness Month, NIWRC wanted to share some indigenous healing for survivors from our Guest Contributor from the NIWRC’s Speakers Bureau, Cindy Lynn (Cayuga Nation): “I would like to share some of my Haudenosaunee teachings about healing. The principles of peace, strength and a good mind were given to my people from the PeaceMaker. The Peacemaker gave strength and uplifted Hiawatha from his grief by using the Eagle feather to wipe his ears so he could hear. The Peacemaker wiped his eyes with leather so he could see and he gave him water to drink to clear his throat so that he could speak. Grief and Trauma are both weaknesses to us….we need our to console, nurture ourselves with aspects of creation. Nature and animals are our medicine for us to utilize. Spiritually we can recover, rebuild and reclaim ourselves toward health and wellbeing.”

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