Nativelove Celebrated February Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

Radio Show for Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

On Valentine’s Day, Native America Calling invited the NativeLove Project along with youth Kristen Butcher (Torres Martinez Desert Cahuilla and NativeLove Youth Ambassador) and Tanae Le Claire (Yankton Sioux and 2017 NativeLove Youth Challenger Winner) as guests on a special radio show to address Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. The radio show focused on social media and dating apps are among the places teens go to find love and companionship. Occasionally puppy love turns unhealthy or even abusive. It can be hard for parents to track. February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month. We’re talking about healthy dating for young people and how parents can talk to their children about it. What tips do you give to your teens about dating?


Kristen Butcher (enrolled in the Torres Martinez Desert Cahuilla Indians and Lakota Sioux – NativeLove youth ambassador

Rebecca Balog (Oglala, Mohawk and Lautari) – National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center grant manager and NativeLove team leader

Tanae Le Claire (Yankton Sioux) – 2017 NativeLove challenge winner

Great job & thank you ladies!

STATEMENT-NIWRC and NativeLove Youth Respond to School Shootings Youth, Schools, Guns, and Intimate partner Violence

We, the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center (NIWRC) are grieving the tragedy that occurred on February 14, 2018 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL. We cannot comment on this tragedy without first grounding ourselves in prayer. Then, we must get to work and we can’t do that without youth voices. The news of Parkland hit heavily on our hearts. Our thoughts then quickly turned to youth leaders of the NativeLove Project (the youth specific project of NIWRC) for their insight on these events…
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NativeLove Visits UMOn’HOn Nation School and University of South Dakota for TDVAM!

The NativeLove team presented at the UMOn’HOn Nation School on Thursday February 8th 2018. NativeLove worked with Vida Stabler, Culture and Language teacher, on presenting healthy teen dating and relationships, sex trafficking, respecting boundaries, and being a good relative to 8th-12th grades classes. Youth were interested in hearing real examples of healthy and unhealthy dating.

The NativeLove team went to the University of South Dakota-Vermillion the next day, Friday February 9th and worked with Marisa Miakonda Cummings, ICARE Program Coordinator. Together they hosted a talking circle discussing sexual assault at the Native American Community Center with students and staff. After the talking circle, a free screening of Wind River was held in the student center, and a panel after the film included Elise Boxer from the Native Studies program, Marisa Cummings of I CARE and Rose Quilt and Princella RedCorn from Native Love.


Check out the #N8vLove Game Tweet Circle on Twitter using #N8vLove & #TDVAM. The NativeLove team was pleased to partner with the StrongHearts Native Helpline, We R Native, Native Alliance Against Violence (Oklahoma Tribal Coalition), Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women (New Mexico Tribal Coalition) & That’s Not Cool for a Tweet Circle!

STATEMENT-NativeLove & the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center Recognizes Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month (TDVAM) is a national effort to raise awareness and protect teens from violence. How can you make a difference?  By encouraging your school, community-based organizations, tribal leaders, parents, and teens to join together to prevent teen dating violence– both at home and in our communities. Those of us in Native communities often hear jokes about “Indian lovin” as waking up with a hickey and a black eye—that’s not love, it’s dating violence. The NativeLove project gives us the opportunity to reframe what NativeLove really is, so we can change our thoughts and actions to restore how we love, honor, and treat each other, which is characterized by respect, kindness, and compassion….

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