NativeLove Celebrates Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month!

February was Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month! All month, NativeLove has asked people to share how they see teen dating and healthy relationships as part of the awareness month activities to encourage and foster community conversations, share stories and learn more about what healthy love is. We used the #NativeLoveIs hashtag to foster the special month of conversation. For new Twitter Chat users, we also created a GuideBook for the occasion, as a resource tool on the “How-To’s” so all ages and level of technology could join.

The NativeLove Project hosted a Intertribal Indigenous TDVAM Tweet Circle (Twitter chat) for youth, activists, advocates, educators, tribal community members, tribal and community leaders, allies, and survivors. Our NativeLove and Violence Against Women movement is deeply rooted in culturally specific social justice and is fueled by the philosophy of 7 Generations. For Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, NativeLove created an opportunity to share our diverse and unique experiences as views of what healthy NativeLove means, to all age groups across all nations!

During the Question and Answer formatted chat, we discussed topics including:

  • What is consent? What does it mean to you?
  • What are your characteristics for healthy relationship?
  • What are some cultural ways to heal our hearts, minds and bodies if we have been hurt physically or emotionally?
  • Do you have someone safe/trusted you can go to if someone you know is in an unhealthy relationship?
  • And we asked various other Q&A to get youth and adults thinking about the process, if we are in an unhealthy relationship, what would next steps be? And how do we heal? Do we know when we are in a healthy or unhealthy love?

It was a simple, but powerful circle-time that was intended to drive home the message that healthy teen dating relationships is important to all of us and our consent is our autonomy! As our first Tweet Circle/Twitter Chat, we had humble real-time participation, but there is a silver-lining, post Tweet Circle, participation can continue the conversation for days after.  In total the Intertribal Indigenous TDVAM Tweet Circle conversation had 1500 direct Tweets, 5,454 direct engagements, 8,874 impressions, and 16,500 total reach for the overall campaign.

NativeLove also held a “Seven Generations for NativeLove-Seven Days of Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month” digital postcard campaign via social media.  These digital postcards shared statistics on TDVAM, data, information about teen dating as well as quotes from youth. NativeLove Ambassador, Kristen and her Mother Faith, both participated throughout the month in our Verizon funded TDVAM campaigns.

Please keep an ear to the ground for opportunities to request a NativeLove training/event in your community or school. NativeLove will be traveling to visit with youth in Alaska for Sexual Assault Awareness Month. If you would like NativeLove to visit your community to talk about Health NativeLove please email [email protected].

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