NIWRC Speaker’s Bureau Spotlight: Rebecca Nagle

by Rebecca Nagle, Co-Director of the No Boundaries Coalition, Co-Director of FORCE + The Monument Quilt


Last week, survivors and our supporters gathered at the Oceti Sakowin Camp to stand together in honor and healing. KIK TA /Wake up was a weekend of events is to honor survivors and take action to heal together and raise awareness about the parallels between the abuse of Kunsi/Unci Maka (Grandmother Earth) and Women. We held four days of Monument Quilt making workshops, healing circles, Winyan (women) networking, and an honoring ceremony for survivors of rape and abuse.

As one participant said, “Over 100 people joined our walk of support for survivors.  We marched down the highway in silence and in prayer. There were a lot of tears, there was a lot of healing. It was a very powerful moment for us as Native women.”

WATCH: Video about “Kik Ta” by Indigenous Rising Media.

North Dakota produces more oil than any other state, and most of this extraction happens on tribal lands. Due to a 1978, Supreme Court Decision, Tribal Nations are prohibited from prosecuting non-Native perpetrators who commit rape, murder, sex trafficking and child abuse on their lands. This jurisdictional loophole has created a crisis in Indian Country. 1 in 3 Native women are raped, abused or stalked EVERY YEAR and 9 out of 10 of these perpetrators are non-Native. The oil industry which bring “man camps” to the outskirts of reservations, has already been cited for doubling and tripling calls for service for rape and assault, according to Native advocates.

The current violence happening against the water and women of Native Nations is part of the on-going genocide of Native people in the United States.

LISTEN: Rebecca Nagle in “At Standing Rock, Two Artists Help Women Confront the Trauma of Sexual Violence.”

*Rebecca Nagle is on NIWRC’s Speaker’s Bureau listing and  she  was also honored in November 2016 by NCAIED and named one of “Native American 40 Under 40” for her work in Indian Country to support survivors and end sexual assault and domestic violence. Rebecca Nagle is the Co-Founder and Co-Director of The Monument Quilt. The Monument Quilt is an on-going collection of stories from survivors of rape and abuse. Having collected over 1700 storied, the quilt is building a culture where survivors are publicly supported, not shamed. Survivors, loved ones and supporters are invited to make a quilt square. Congratulations Rebecca!