NIWRC’s Speakers Bureau: Jeremy NeVilles-Sorell

“As Native people we have the knowledge, tools, and power to make incredible change in our communities. There are many incredible projects going on from reservations, to urban, and up into the native villages that are bringing back our teachings and integrating them into the way we organize and address violence against women. It’s an exciting time to be part of a national movement where native women, men, youth, and our allies are forging new ground in activism and raising the collective consciousness on issues of violence and healing.

As a trainer, many years I long ago started saying, “You can’t teach epiphanies. You can only create opportunities for epiphanies to occur.” No matter the knowledge, inspiration, or wit of a presentation we must always create opportunities to learn and engage more community members to sustain and expand our efforts to address domestic and sexual violence, trafficking, and the missing and murdered indigenous women.”

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