Sexual Assault Activism: Gretchen Carroll for SlutWalk Omaha


My name is Gretchen Carroll.  I am a citizen of the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes of Oklahoma.  I have been part of the Omaha community for over 20 years.  This August I got to be a part of Omaha’s 2016 SlutWalk.  The SlutWalk brings awareness to end victim blaming and slut shaming.  We live in a society where rape culture is too prevalent.   The way someone dresses, or being blacked out, or not being taken seriously when the answer they give is “NO”, is not an invitation to be raped, abused, degraded, or victimized.  We need to change this attitude.

There were about 150 people who came out to the SlutWalk to march with signs and bring awareness.  I personally was glad to be there representing the Native American community.  Native Americans are at the greatest risk of sexual violence.  Native Women are 3 times more likely to get raped than any other group in the United States.  I set up a table representing the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center and had many people stop by with great interest and taking with them the information provided.  I also was able to write a poem (see video below) and was one of the speakers they had presenting at the SlutWalk.  Thanks to the Organizers Kristy Leahy and Billie Mari Grant for making this a wonderful event!!!

I love my heels and the way that I walk
The toss of my hair when I’m about to talk
Somedays my skirt is a little too short
Somedays my boobs look just right with some good support
I love to flirt and greet you with a big smile
Love the attention when you notice my style
My lips might be a bit too pink
Somedays I think my shit don’t stink
I accentuate my assets with some tight fitting jeans
An open invitation it is not by any means
I feel the sexiest when I’m all dolled up
Head held high as I perfect my strut
But do you think my self-confidence is your permission to shame me
Taunt me, beat me, rape me and blame me
I’m not a slut just because of how you see me
And it doesn’t matter if my dating style is little too carefree
I dress and act this way for my own benefit
Don’t need raunchy remarks from a low down degenerate
It doesn’t excite me when you give your catcalls
Or see me as any easy target through your perverted eyeballs
My body is MY sacred place and I get to choose
Don’t need to feel degraded, shamed and misused
My body is my temple and there’s no need to call me a slut
So don’t envision me or imprison me in your little world of smut
I will keep dressing this way and keep seeing who I see
gretchen carroll (copyright) 2016