Updates on the NativeLove Challenge Winners

The NativeLove Challenge Winners 2016 have been busy this spring winning awards, traveling, creating videos and turning 16 year’s old! Read for updates on our national winners. Download and print the 2016 NativeLove Challenge Winners Poster here.

Torres Martinez Desert Cahuilla Indians welcomes NativeLove to help celebrate national NativeLove Challenge youth winner Kristen Butcher.

Rebecca Balog, Native Love representative, thanked the community and congratulated Kristen Butcher for winning the NativeLove challenge. “Kristen’s winning message really represented exactly what NativeLove is about,” Balog said, “Because of Kristen’s impressive leadership activities in her own community, the NIWRC would like to name her as our first NativeLove Youth Ambassador. The ambassador will represent NativeLove in her community and to the nation at large with future duties to be announced.” Balong presented Butcher with a custom-made beaded medallion necklace with “Native Love” on it. Butcher got tears in her eyes standing next to her mother and grandmother. She addressed the community: “I want to do good things, I learned how to do good things from my mother and grandmother.”

Explore Butcher’s Celebration here with additional photos, videos and press release!

Kristen Butcher, the NativeLove Youth Ambassador interviews Miss Indian World at the 2016 Denver March Powwow (Butcher’s prize winning travel location!). “Native Love to me is care, compassion, kindness, courage. All these good things that come from the heart and utilizing them in a good way.”

Butcher also celebrated her 16th birthday party and the NativeLove team sent her a message on the Facebook page:

Our very special lady celebrating her Sweet Sixteen.
Kristen Butcher is our youth ambassador, our colleague, our inspiration and our friend.

We are celebrating you, Kristen!
Happy birthday ♡♡♡

Congratulations to one of our ‪#‎NativeLoveIs‬ Challenge Winner, Eric Woody (Navajo) for the United National Indian Tribal Youth, Inc. “25 Under 25 Native Youth Leaders” Award!

Indian Country Today released an article listing the “25 Under 25 Native Youth Leaders” Award winners, Eric Woody (Navajo) being one of them! Read more at http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/2016/05/19/unity-announces-25-under-25-native-youth-leaders-2016-164538“. The United National Indian Tribal Youth, Inc. (UNITY) has announced its second class of “25 Under 25 Native Youth Leaders” honoring Native American and Alaska Native youth. The program, which launched in 2014, celebrates the achievements of Native youth leaders under the age of 25 who embody UNITY’s core mission of living a balanced life while developing their spiritual, mental, physical and social well-being.”

Eric Woody’s winning challenge photo (at the 2015 UNITY Conference) reads “#NativeLoveIs helping and taking care of one another :)”

Native Love Challenge Winner (Video) Mark Renville and his mother Lynette Renville visited the Capitol of the US in Washington, DC!

Renville’s prize winning travel location was to Washington, DC where he got to explore the nation’s capitol with his mother. He was also able to meet and have lunch with Joshuah Marshall a Project Consultant and Policy Advisor at Tribal Tech, LLC, visit the White House (Hi Obamas!) and the Washington Monument.