Wellness Circle-Winter Solstice (December 21)

An important and precious time for many to share, create, give thanks, and remember all that has come before us as the world begins to prepare for the future and the blessings of another Spring. There are so many family traditions passed on during this time and done so in a wider diversity of tribal traditions. To be able to do is the ultimate cry of Indigenous rejoicing for our restored and revitalized revolution of Sovereignty.

During the busy Winter Solstice and winter holiday season many celebrate (as many families share diversity of faiths as diverse as intertribal families), we see so many faiths intersecting around and near this time. A few of these include Bodhi Day (the Buddhist holiday that commemorates the day Buddha experienced enlightenment), Hanukkah (a beloved and joyous eight-day Jewish festival and holiday), Christmas (often commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, but is also a non-religious family holiday celebration for many), Kwanzaa (not a religious holiday, nor is it meant to replace Christmas but an African American Diaspora Celebration of Family, Community and Culture). While we  rejuvenate ourselves and remember our ancestors, let us remember to build healthy communities, and healthy relationships, healthy youth, and provide for our relatives and resilient elders.

Many of us are balancing busy end of year work schedules, huge movement specific emerging issues such as MMIW and VAWA, Savannah’s Act, etc. and many will have lots of travel, the often heightened needs of shelter for the homeless, and increased DV/SA crisis in our communities, and then balancing winter holidays and then keeping our families safe, sound, fed, warm, and enjoying each other’s time and stories.

Remember to self-care, we as advocates and movement activists will reflect on the year of good moments and bad moments (and all the areas in between).  Then we add advocacy for others where systems often provide barriers not services. Whether we are in a “good” day or “bad” day, somehow, we push our individualism aside, and give our energy stores to others in need.  There is something special about advocates. Remember to see the resilience you are born from and become inspired as a goal to push on.  Our mentors often remind us, “Take care of yourself, too. Make sure you seek support and help if you are feeling overwhelmed.”

We are sending you a Wonderful Winter Solstice- Where Wellness is the Way.

Where there is Wellness for ALL, there is Wellness in you.