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February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month.  What does Love mean to you?  Is love defined by healthy actions, trust, compassion, kindness, respect?  As we focus on these key principles of defining love as healthy love, we have to wonder, “How is my self love?”

Do we love ourselves with intentional healthy actions? Do we trust our intuitions? Have compassion for our own wellness, have kindness, and respect for our own balance in todays’ world?  With the philosophy of Seven Generations, we know our actions today impact future generations- are we guiding and teaching by example the importance of self-care and self-love?  As an important track of our work in the ending Violence Against Women and social justice movements, in February, NIWRC provided a trail to wellness and healing practices with resources and discussion on The Indigenous Presence: Decolonizing Our Minds and Cultivating Our Happiness.

Mind body spirit health and healing starts with you. When you make the choice for healing mind body and spirit, you reclaim your power and become an active participant in your healing process. To take time for yourself, in practice of wellness and self-care, please take a moment to check-out the following resource.  You deserve this self-love.

The Indigenous Presence: Decolonizing Our Minds and Cultivating Our Happiness.

Understanding the mind body spirit connection, using its power and accessing its’ benefits is the basis of holistic healing.  The concept of mind body spirit has been rooted in the culture and traditions of Indigenous peoples for thousands of years and is central to our belief and healing systems. Our healing systems and cultural practices took advantage of the power of belief or mind over body.

Thank you to Gwendolyn Packard, NIWRC Training and Technical Assistance Specialist and Bonnie Duran, associate professor in the Department of Health Services, University of Washington School of Public Health and Director of the Center for Indigenous Health Research at the Indigenous Wellness Research Institute for this exceptional resource.

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